The shipyard provides standard and special maintenance services for hull, structural elements, engine systems and nautical accessories, on vessels range from small sized craft to superyachts of 50 metres, both sailing and motorboat type.

Works can be performed both floating than ashore depending to clients’ requests.

The several services and operations provided are:

  • Hauling, launching and movement of vessels with a Travel Lift of 400 t, 100 t wheeled crane and 60 t truck;
  • Complete Antifouling cycle (washing, disking, sandpapering, zinc supply and replacement) using high quality products that guarantee the excellent maintenance of the yacht;
  • Complete Painting cycle and customized finishing;
  • Steel works; 
  • Carpentry works including renewal of teak deck;
  • Works on Composite Materials (carbon, fiberglass);
  • Mechanical, hydraulic repairs and complete overhauling of Electrical Plant;
  • Dismasting and Mast assembling back up to 40 mt yacht;
  • Internal refurbishment with both modern and old fashoned upon clients’ request;
  • Anti-osmosis treatments;
  • Assistance for Registry Procedures;
  • Trial Registration Plate;
  • Night watch service.